Pekka, he has always something going on… if it is not renovation or forestry , it is some new ideas that has to be realised. For further relaxation he plays tennis and of course baths sauna!

Outi, lot of her time she spends with her beloved animals-horses and the Tibetan mastiffs. Otherwise she istaking photos, designing webb pages, walking in the forests for mushrooms or looking for new adventures and experiences.

This sauna loving couple have been born and grown up in OULU, a beautiful university town in Northern Finland.



Daughter Paulina is a nurse. She is a spontaneous, stubborn and a little nuts guy, who likes to meet new people, take photos, sew clothes and see movies and travell a lot.



These by the looks innocent creatures are our beloved Tibetan Mastiffs Santtu and her daughters Poco, Berta and Donna. They are glad , disorderly and playful and loves long walks.
Santtu and Poco are not with us any more but we have six Tibetan mastiffs and one Tibetan spaniel Rasmus.
Please listen to Santtus deep bark! Would you like to know some more about Santtu and Tibetan mastiffs please pay a visit to her own homepage or our kennelpage.

Ossi   Ossi, our cat is helping to get rid of mice in the barn and stables, but he also wants to come along for walks , if he is not just having 'cat's life'. Even Ossi loves sauna during winter time.
Ossi is not with us any more and we don't want to have a new cat.