In the basement of the farmhouse is an old stone oven for baking and smoking, and of course a real Finish SAUNA heated with wood.

From the early days cows, geese, chicken, pigs etc. domestic animals, today the focus is on horses , recreational outdoor activities and letting a house for visitors.

The farm is called 'Liagärde'- meaning elevated fields surrounded by stone hedges- this describes also the place very well. Liagärde is originateing from the late 1600th century. The farm covers an area of 20 hectars (200.000m2) consisting of farmed land, fields and forest. During the past decade a bigger renovation and renewal has taken place.

In the garden the fruit trees - apple, peer and plums (also a very rare mulberry tree!) give rich harvests.
At these latitudes a very rare vine gives an exiting difference to the balcony of the house.